Oh The Mighty Winds of Change




  Due to a recent Career change, I thought it would only be suitable to change up my wordpress!  Im pretty sure Ive had the same format since 2011? 2012?

Annnnnnnyway.  Although I am still firmly staying in the lovely Beauty industry, where my heart has and will always be, I have gone down a path much different from my last.

Along with this main change, came A LOT of spare time.  In this spare time I had to ponder where the hell I was actually going to go from here.  That doesnt go without saying there was A LOT of celebratory champagne, a ton of options thrown my way, a few mental breakdowns & a massive soul search.  After this exciting and terrifying stage,  it led me to realize that I was not completely happy with where I was and had to choose a path that was MORE than money & reputation or social standing, but rather something that made ME happy.

My career thus far has blessed me with the most incredible opportunities.  I have been a school ambassador of a very well know esthetic institute, a spa esthetician, and a certified clinicians assist and and laser technician, a permanent makeup & cosmetic tattoo artist, makeup artist & skin specialist, and yes there was period there where I focused on rejuvenating vaginas!  

But most of all, my career has blessed me with the BEST, most beautiful, kind, giving, generous, loving, hilarious, long term clientele you could imagine.  And ALL of you are the BEST part and reason for everything I have ever done.  ❤ 


Its not over yet!  While this new career is beautifully blossoming you will see a new and better side of me, please be patient.  I love and miss you all<3

❤ Jeanne



“It takes a unique type of person to do your job”


Im going to start this blog with a cherished quote by the marketing genius Gary Vaynerchuck

” are you ready to bleed out your eyes for your fucking dreams? No your not because you’re full of shit”

No words could hold more truth

Now that the esthetic field has become a total gimmick of individuals just grasping a certificate or two and referring to themselves as beauticians, I just wanted to say that I really hope you understand that this is no ordinary career.

Many on lookers could put us into the category of glorified pimple poppers and wax queens, but honestly we are that of a different breed.  Any individual who ACTUALLY dove into the very complicated and intense training curriculum of basic esthetics earned their stripes.  There’s nothing like constantly waxing, manicuring, body wrapping, facials, applying makeup, gel nails, pedicures, massages,skin care analysis and everything in between.  I did eleven solid months of that. 10 hour days.  You learn the specifics and intricacies of the art of the body, at the same time learning how to deal with people.  These people come to you for all types of reasons, and you are the answer.

If you have worked on the same person multiple times, and have no idea who they are, dont remember their name, and have no connection to them as a client, you have failed. Granted there will be clients who dont speak, but you cater to them as well.

But to be honest, you’re a therapist, confidant, entertainer and trusted friend within the appointment. I couldent tell you how many people I have met and made connections with in the past few years, and EACH one of them is the reason I stuck with this career for so long.<3

Did I ever Imagine that when I grew up, my career would mostly comprise of working on A LOT of private parts lol? No.

However there is nothing more rewarding than helping someone be more comfortable with their body, Inside and out.  ThermiVa is a procedure where we reconstruct vaginas…. yes Vaginas, both internally and externally.  It is the most invasive procedure I have cultivated to date and the most rewarding part of my career.  Almost every consultation gets quite emotional due to the magnitude of the intimate nature & it doesnt matter what kind of day YOU’RE having, you have to be on point to build a strong relationship and confidence with your client.

Laser also puts you in a position of intimacy with hair removal, Ive been all up in a lot of nooks and crannys for sure.  But skin tightening, upper and lower blepharoplasty with ThermiSmooth, IPL, Sublative Scar removal & CoolSculpting (non-surgical liposuction) get you to a whole other level.

For someone to stand infront of you and tell you what they dont like about themselves is a huge step, and you have to be right there for them.  With full empathy for their pain and self consciousness.

It takes a certain type of person to do that.

Theres nothing that kills me more than when a client tells you about the horrible bed side manor they experience at a previous location, how they felt so overlooked and uncomfortable, or had to listen to the inexperienced technician yammer on with some inaccurate information on the procedure.

If youre even on the outskirts of this field, please remember to take it seriously.  Some may say “ this is a dying industry” but thats total bullshit.  If youre good at what you do and make REAL connections with the people you work on, you will have made yourself a beautiful career.

Dont cut corners, dont ever judge or mistreat or be totally fake with your clientele, your fake laugh isnt fooling anybody.  Be right there for them.  Know your craft.  Give them your all, and always let them know what fantastic progress they have made.  Your compliment or conversation could be the ONLY one they get in their life.  You never know.

Dont just be a ” fresh air” tech, esthetician, hairstylist, massage therapist, tattoo artist, lash tech, or anything else in the field.  Take good care of the people you work on & be the fucking best at your job



How do you TRUST the people who “work” on your Body ?



The Services offered in this Industry are Infinate

 However, the people who offer & preform  these treatments are infinite.  There are 500000000000 hairstylists, estheticians, Injection specialists, Makeup Artists, Doctors, Surgeons, Laser technicians, Tattoo artists, and more.  All, at the consumers disposal.  You get to pick, consult and choose.  What happens when the seemingly fairytale experience portrayed on your penny pinching GROUPON turns out to be a BIG FAIL?

What happens when your BIG SPENDING LEAP turns OUT TO BE A TOTAL BUST!?

“The reviews were great- but I dont think it worked,  I spent 10k, My lips look like chowder, My skin is fucked sideways, My tattoo is embarrassing, my titties look east … then west, my hair looks ‘skunky’, my eyelashes look like shit, my nails look thick as fuck, my makeup makes me look like a hooker …. etc.”


There are wavers to protect both you and the service provider.  But it takes a TON of trust to sign the papers and go through with the treatment.

The entire intention  behind this Blog is due to the fact that I am the biggest, most apprehensive, non-trusting client you could ever come across.

I do my own laser, Makeup, Skincare, hair extensions, hair dye, haircut, feet and more.

The injectables, Tattoos, nails and certain miscellaneous medical treatments are all done by the individuals I have come across and stuck with for exponential amounts of time.


So it got me thinking

How the fuck do you randomly look up a technician, and give them your money, on the HOPE

THE PUREST HOPE, that this may or may not work?

There are many ways to conduct your research, what with all the fine people who have plenty of time to write both Yelp and Google reviews and so on. But to physically show up and give someone your hard earned money or swipe of the ol credit card with little to no Guarantee, thats ballsy.

As a professional Esthetician & medical esthetician for almost a decade now, I have seen and heard some insane horror stories, and work done on people which makes my skin crawl.

Personal favorites include the Groupon massage, held in a run down double wide, while the oh-so-soothing sounds of death metal blared in the background among the drug deals being made in the living area,

Students at a local esthetics academy dipping feet into an

” experimental chemical peel for feet”

and ending up with severe burns and furthermore, existential leg pain.

Or the ever popular lady who paid $75 to have a new set of eyebrows tattooed in China Town, and ended up with a McDonalds type arch tattooed in the middle of her forehead, a good half inch above her natural brow.


You never know what the outcome is going to be, and research doesn’t always let you have the full story.  Personally I believe in


However, I dont believe in consultation fees, 9/10 times the fee is going directly to a medical director.  So if you come in and pay $150 to have a nice little chat about the procedure and do or do not decide to go through with it, that money is still gone like the wind.  Awesome.

A consultation should take a decent amount of time, with all angles covered, all questions answered and should conclude with you feeling better about the treatment, clinic and technician.  Make sure your waiver isn’t a piece of shit and covers all angles as well.

From a person on the other side trying to preform your service to the best of my ability, also be aware that in some cases, things just possibly wont work,  not everything is guaranteed, ever.  It is not always the technician, artist or doctors fault either.

All I’m really saying is look out for yourself and choose what is best for you.  Be aware that a pretty website, business card and face, dont necessarily mean there’s a top shelf education behind it.  Be aware of trends that pop up quickly and be sure to see them preformed plenty of times before you jump in.

And Most of all,

Thank YOU

to all the beautiful people I have had the pleasure of lasering, tattooing, removing fat, tightening skin, removing scars, preforming IPL, doing basic esthetics, whitening  teeth, Hydrafacials, skin analysis sessions and treatment, and most importantly Vaginal rejuvenation.  Trusting me with your Vaginas has been an incredibly humbling experience.

For more information on ThermiVa VISIT


Take care of yourselves, and do your research ❤








” You don’t look like YOU anymore”



If you have ever taken the leap to pursue an image all your own, you’ve probably encountered an individual or group of individuals who oppose your choice to modify yourself.  All of a sudden everybody has a fucking opinion.  Great.  Who decides whether you have gone too far? The comments and disagreements I have endured over time are typically reckless and ignorant.

Everything from ” for the love of god, stop backcombing your hair” to ” if you inject anymore shit into your face it will explode” or the always reoccurring ” you’re going to regret that tattoo when your 70″

Various body Modifications dont make you insecure, vain, pompous or neurotic.  Frankly, I dont want to look like I did 10 years ago, and plenty of people can relate.  Have you ever looked back through a yearbook or old albums of photos saved on your Facebook and just Cringed ?  Before botox, implants, eyebrow game, hair extensions, lip injections, cheek filler, and retinol, a lot of us looked totally different.

So. Fucking. What.

In the age of Vanity that has come along in the last few years, a perpetual fire fueled by selfies and filters and photo shop, people started paying more attention to the way the present themselves.  I mean come on there is only so much a push up bra a over drawn lip liner can do.  Eventually most people take the leap, whether it be surgery or medical esthetics, its an easy and typically affordable option.

You want big titties? get em.  You want bigger Lips?Get em.  You want an ass so fat people wonder how you find jeans? Get it.

There’s always going to be some asshole telling you your an idiot and you should just

” love yourself the way you are”

But who says you dont LOVE your new titties, your new juicy lips, your wrinkle-less forehead and your newly liposuctioned thighs?  You really Can have it all.  And nobody should oppose you.

Holding a syringe

All my life I wanted to look different, not that I have completely unfortunate features naturally, but I was always on the lookout to find a way to do my hair different than anybody or learn to do my makeup bigger and better.  Nobody held my hand and taught me how to do it, it was just a pursuit to a better me.

Its the furthest thing from “not being myself” THIS is what I wanted.

You cant imagine the time and Money and fucking dedication it takes to change yourself.Beauty-by-Elias-Hove-for-Schon-Magazine-19-05-600x800

Remember that the next time you want to beak off an individual with body mods.  People deserve to be satisfied with themselves, to build a prospography of their own.

images (90)

Even this bitch, she looks like a cat, but shes Happy

And granted some people who suffer from a strain of mental consequence, much like body dismorphic disorder, will push the so called boundaries.  But there are always extremists in every crowd.

Every tattoo I have means the world to me, even the goddamn first initial of my ex boyfriends name, and the random tattoo I have that is spelled wrong.  Theres a beautiful and tragic story behind the star tattooed on my neck, and countless memories and tales behind every other tattoo I have.  They are the only thing I can take with me for the rest of my life.  SO before you get up on your high horse and try to tell me I am going to regret them, take a seat.

The comment ” you dont look like YOU anymore” is silly.  True .  But silly.

If someone doesnt resemble the previous version of themselves, and has made a valiant effort to morph and re organize into a newer version, be happy for them.  Life is simply too short to be stagnant, in mind, body and lifestyle.




….. You can’t Microblade that.



Let’s be honest,  only a few years ago the renegade of brows began.  Now, its even more of an epidemic.  I’m sad to say it, but MY particular method of permanent makeup, particularly eyebrows, is slowly fading.  Just like any other trendy cosmetic treatment, permanent makeup has evolved.  I’ll never forget the moment I first saw microbladed eyebrows.  What a delicate, elegant, precious method.  Its honestly so beautiful.

I couldn’t figure out how the fuck they did it!

After consulting  few people, artists, and receiving a very brief response from a very well known Microblade goddess, I started research.

“Microblading, also known by a variety of names such as eyebrow embroidery, microstroking, feather touch and hair like strokes is a form of permanent makeup that provides a means to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of simulated hair using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments. The technique of implanting pigment after the creation of fine incisions in the skin may date back thousands of years [1] however the trend towards using the technique for eyebrows may have emerged in Asia in recent years.
“Microblading is performed by manually depositing pigment superficially in the upper region of the dermis with the use of a hand tool with attached needles fused together in a linear grouping, it does not involve the use of a machine. Similar to permanent makeup brow treatments using a machine, the Microblading technique involves drawing individual, crisp hair strokes that can be very natural looking but nonetheless Microblading is still a form of cosmetic tattooing. The microblading needle groupings tend to contain needles that are extremely fine in diameter in comparison to the needles used in traditional tattooing however recent advancements in cosmetic tattoo needle technology has also produced extremely fine needles gauges for machine use. Technicians usually use a numbing solution to limit discomfort and consequently like all forms of cosmetic tattooing if performed correctly the procedure causes minimal discomfort”


I was in love.

There were numerous opportunities for me to learn this craft, and yet I somewhat just wanted no part of it.  I had spent the better part of a decade preforming a service in such a way that I figured I would just leave this one to the next generation.  Plus, even though I use a fairly aggressive motorized permanent makeup machine, the idea of making small slices with this blade  made me kind of nervous lol!

The months that followed were strange, everyone kept asking about the technique, asking if I could do it etc.  It was exhausting, as with any trend, I can only imagine how many hairstylists had to get their ” ombre” game together when that blew up.

” Feather technique” is about the closest thing I can get to simulating the microblade,  and it looks f*%king awesome.  Load up a 1point, ultra fine needle and tattoo one.  hair.  at.  a.  time.

It is time well spent.

Every time.

This girl only had a few hairs so we tattooed the rest ❤

Smooth, delicate, tedious and beautiful.  However, it is much more permanent.  Some people prefer a more defined line as well.  My machine delivers something slightly different.

Instead of wanting to bury my head in the sand and give up on a technique I’ve loved executing thus far, I started focusing on a different talent.

I can tattoo both eyeliner and lip liner like a motherf*&#er:)

their may be some exceptions…..

But you cant Microblade that.

Now, I wont get ahead of myself, due to the fact that I have collectively done much less of both eyeliner & lip liner, compared to eyebrows.


Eyeliner on a lovely Client!
   Granted these are still Swollen AF.
After Lip Liner
A very thin red Line was placed around the outline to add color and fullness. This photo was taken directly after service so it looks a bit angry. However in the months to come the color lightens to make the lips appear both larger and full of color.


That was my FIRST set of Lip Liner…. I should have stuck with it more, but eyebrows took over… lol

Although both of these procedures are more prone to fading faster, due to location on the body mostly, they are actually still quite popular.  The additional advances in topical freezing also create a service that isn’t such a death match.  Its actually very comfortable.

It may not be in as high demand at the moment, but its something that I adore, another service to make people feel beautiful<3


As displayed above, subtle liner/shading add a fullness to the lips without overpowering them.   Don’t get me wrong, the first few days are pretty intense, not unlike any other medical procedure.  Its a tattoo around your mouth, so it looks a little crazy at first, but so do most procedures.

I don’t ever intend to leave eyebrows alone completely, but in light of the microblading phenomenon, it only seems smart to shift focus on mixing beautiful berry colors for lips, and creating just the right amount of soft black or burgundy in between each eye lash.  Who Knows what is next on the forefront of permanent cosmetics?  In the next few years we may look back on both methods and laugh.  I very much love and appreciate new techniques such as microblading, and I love my chosen method that has carried a huge part of my career for the better part of a decade.  The important thing is to love your craft, and create something beautiful for each client.




Over-line your Lips … Everyone is Ok. Get them Injected & People LOSE THEIR MINDS.



Here we Go


Alright. Alright. Alright.  Everyone is all over  the Real Lips, Lined Lips, Overly Done lined Lips, Fake Lips , Are they Fake? lips and so on.

Oh Lawd! Help these young ladies being subjected to the “lip standards the Kardashians have bestowed upon us” 

… Not so Much

Well, lets talk about this for a second instead of eyebrows.  Lips have become one of the newest subtle body modifications known to beauty culture at the Moment.  They are comprised of different mixtures of Filler,  Botox,  or your own preferable muscle relaxing injectable and more.  If you are ACTUALLY a member of the talented people who provide and accept this procedure – I myself can assume you have a very different opinion of this entire subject, those who stand in opposition of the whole thing are on a whole other page.

I dont’t know everything about all of the fillers out there & I dont Know everything about the people who are in love with, hate, or are merely interested in them.


I have experienced this body modification &   I have watched and endured the upsides & downsides of this procedure all on my own. And this is what I have come Up with.sheshe

Lips.  One of the most enchanting and mood altering, aphrodesiactably (not a real word) capable parts of the body.

You ever talk to someone, and all they can stare at is your lips, mouth or the way your lips drape perfectly across your teeth as you speak?


That’s a real thing.  I once had a guy ask me how it felt to have a mouth like Sheryl Crow? … What? … He explained that when he was young, he watched a Sheryl Crow music Video and said she just had ” one of those mouths”… we dont have to go into detail but that got me thinking…

People look at this part.

Lips are sexy and beautiful.

Regardless of size, plumpness, age, wrinkles, etc.  It’s how you speak and express yourself as well.  How you enunciate and say anything.  Its a beautiful thing.

But now, there is a new Focus on having the Best lip in show. The masses are quick to blame the Jenners and Kardashians whilst forgetting Angelina Jolie & many of the other lip goddesses out there.  But there is no one to blame.  Its a small supplemental beauty additive wanted by many on their own terms.

Much like the haircuts, tattoo, and eyebrow type idealism’s that we get a hold of.

So from here there is the “Over lined”…

And I only say “over lined “ because that is the only option of some who just add a bit much, when really it’s the only option they feel comfortable with.


This isn’t a bad thing but media trolls will let you know you’ve over done it.

and then there’s the ” Are they real ” Lips ?


Something which can start out to be over drawn then become questionable

Then there are the filled Lips –



It doesn’t actually matter which one you have.  It only matters whether you’re happy with them or not.

I recently got my lips done… 3 times… and everyone all of a sudden becomes a critic.  That’s Just fine.  I loved the first Vial, I loved the second More & then by the 3rd my lovely RN only let me have half…

They’re big, and juicy and controversial.


I didn’t get the lips to promote business or fillers in general.  I didn’t get the fillers to make me feel beautiful.  I didn’t get them for a boyfriend or to attract dudes.  I didn’t get them for any other reason then to try them and have fun.  This is not a permanent thing, nor will it ruin or boost my image.  This is not something that defines me.

This is fun and different!

The Science :

Cosmetic Fillers:

Injectable filler (injectable cosmetic filler, injectable facial filler) is a soft tissue filler injected into the skin to help fill in facial wrinkles, restoring a smoother appearance. Most of these wrinkle fillers are temporary because they are eventually absorbed by the body.

…There are tons of different fillers for different reasons.  Nose, Cheek, Chin, Lip, genital and more augmentations can be done with this simple cocktail of substance.


Physicians and Registered Nurses simply find parts of the body (mostly the face) that can improve with filler and inject accordingly.

A simple 30-45 minute maximum procedure with instant results.   People have literally changed their life with small augmentations with filler.




Absolutely beautiful.

Juvederm. Emervel. Perelane. Restylane and so on.  They are all parts of a small and fathomable procedure meant to slightly enhance features.

The beauty and science behind the skilled Injectable specialists at hand should definitely overcome the vanity everyone seems to condemn them for.  Even if the reason behind receiving this procedure is vanity, you have to learn to accept it or leave it alone.

I’ve had my own critics tell me that if I keep going I’ll get ” hamburger lips” ” not be able to say the word”bubbles” “look like Jackie Stallone” and much more…

Worse than that I’ve witnessed clients be afraid to try filler for the fear of these comments.  Bullshit.

If you want to try it, over do it, ask about it or annnnnyhting…. dont be afraid.  Its a small enhancement.  Its affordable and fun.  Do what’s right and healthy for you.

In conclusion:

Walk into cosmetic procedures for yourself and yourself only.  Do your fucking research. Make sure you and your skilled injector are on the same page.  Dont go in looking for this….


And roll out with …


Make sure you know what you’re getting into.  Fill out thorough medical forms and intake forms beforehand.  If there’s a filler special on Groupon… walk briskly in the other direction.

Start slow and build from there.

And most of all don’t let anybody or their comments make you feel crazy for trying something out.

Lips are in.  But know your limits and make sure you feel comfortable with whatever you have, dont fuck with your face too much, you only get one!